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Coseva is pleased to announce the release of the most current white paper on how it’s Advanced TRS product helps the body extract heavy metals and other toxins that it can’t do on its own.

In short, Advanced TRS uses nanotechnology to capture the molecules of heavy metals, then extract them via the body’s normal processes. For more information, check out the white paper.

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It’s a Toxic World Out There

Despite our best efforts to be to avoid them, consuming toxic heavy metals is part of everyday life. From the air we breathe to the water and food we consume, there are heavy metals and other toxic chemicals all around us. Fortunately, Advanced TRS helps the body extract heavy metals and other toxins that it couldn’t do on its own.

This infographic demonstrates how these heavy metals and other toxins get into our body.


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Have all your efforts to lose weight fallen through? It may be time to consider what levels of toxins you may be carrying in your body. Science shows a strong correlation between exposure to environmental toxins and weight gain. In fact, weight gain has been recorded even without calorie intake and found to be one of the leading causes to not only obesity but diabetes too.

The research showed a relationship between insulin resistance and the levels of persistence organic pollutants (POPs) – toxic environment chemicals usually transported by wind and water.

Since POPs have the ability to stay in the environment for a long time, high levels of exposure have been linked to the disruption of normal metabolism in the human body. This is because they interfere with the ability of the body to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol eventually leading to insulin resistance.

One of the reasons it may be challenging for you to lose weight might be you carry too many toxins. In such a case, the body is weighed down by the number of toxins it needs to process so results to creating new fat cells to store up these toxins away from the healthy organs. This is the body’s first form of defense in light of possible poisoning. It thus becomes almost impossible to lose any weight regardless of how you limit your calorie intake.

It is until you take out the trash, figuratively speaking, that your body can function in the normalcy it should if the toxins will not already have damaged your body organs or functions. This means detoxifying your cells which will melt away excess fat, create lean muscle and reduce your body burden of toxins.

Advanced TRS has been proven to help in cellular detoxification. With Zeolite encapsulated in water clusters, it reaches anywhere water can be including cross blood brain barrier. Advanced TRS will attract, trap and remove heavy metals, toxins and other contaminants through the body’s natural process.

Your body is an intricate and exceptionally tuned organism designed with alarms that help you know whenever something alters the normal functioning of your body. Like a car needs service every now and then in order to operate efficiently, your body was designed to operate at maximum capacity when well nurtured with the right nutrients while weeding off potential threats.

Toxins in your body are your biggest threats to a healthy lifestyle. Constant exposure to toxins without a regular detoxifying program can increase your chances of experiencing serious health problems like brain damage, liver and kidney failure, respiratory irritation, anxiety disorder, birth defects, Pituitary/ Thyroid dysfunction among others.

Not everyone responds the same way to exposure of toxins. The kind of chemicals, the amount, and how the chemicals entered your body plays a major role on how you are affected. One proven fact though is that if you are continually exposed your body will take a toll from these chemicals leading to some of these diseases.

In addition to going through a cleansing/ detoxification process, there are a few ways you can reduce your contact with harmful chemicals:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Washing your hands
  • Reading labels that warn you of chemical exposure
  • Follow proper disposal guidelines for electronics, batteries, paint, and other harmful chemical containing products
  • Keep your home well ventilated
  • Avoid burning treated wood
  • Limit your fish intake especially those with high levels of mercury

By being proactive in watching your health, you will be invigorated to continue practicing healthy habits especially when you start enjoying the benefits of living free of toxins: reduced symptoms, more energy, feeling and looking younger and much more.

June 22, 2016 was a key milestone for the environment and the health of Americans.President Obama signed a bipartisan bill to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). A major update to the environment statute in 20 years.

TSCA was created in 1976 to help keep dangerous chemicals from the market after certain chemicals were confirmed to cause serious health problems including cancer, birth defects, among many others.

Unfortunately, the laws in place did not allow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate these toxins or necessitate testing of products believed to have these chemicals before they are brought into the market. This left families vulnerable to serious health impacts. Had the laws been changed to accommodate EPA’s regulations, it is likely we would have put an end to toxin related health issues many years ago.

It is therefore a great achievement and a reason to celebrate a safer future. The new bill – The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act- gives EPA the much needed authority to evaluate and regulate chemicals in the market for the safety of American families. This means that EPA now have the ability to act quickly and reduce exposure to toxic chemicals already in the market posing health risks. The bill also facilitates their work by providing funds from fees charged to the chemical companies.

While there is a lot ahead that needs to be done, this is a big step towards a safer environment and healthier families.

You might want to have your water pipes checked considering the recent findings of lead contamination that has been found in various school water across the country. While lead is present in many places; air, food, dust and dirt, studies show that an average of 15% – 20% of your total lead intake comes from drinking water.

The problem emerges not from the water source but often from aging water pipes especially those that were build with lead long before the EPA ban in 1986. For example, when the city of Flint, Michigan switched their water source from lake water to the Flint river, they did not consider the high acidity levels of the river water than the lake which then led to corroding of pipes and the seeping of lead into the water.

Exposure to lead has been shown to cause harmful health issues with a heightened risk on young children and workers. It has been shown to cause damage to developing brains of fetuses while high blood lead levels can cause convulsions, comma and even death.

Although previous studies had suggested that toxic lead levels were 10 micrograms per deciliter, CDC – Center for Disease Control has revised that to 5 mcg /dl as the levels that can cause harmful health effects on children development, learning and behavior. Besides having your pipes checked, you can have your water tested for lead or ask your water provider whether your water has lead in it.